2013 Reading Challenge

by realmofbooksblog

After my first episode dropped in mid-December, I got a lot of questions concerning what books I read to complete my reading challenge of 60 books by the end of 2013. Instead of trying to include my list in an actual episode, I thought I’d give a physical list here.

Started January 2, 2013 & reached #60 on November 24, 2013.

I’ve also been asked if I am going to attempt another big challenge this year and the short answer is no, unfortunately I won’t be attempting another big challenge. Long answer: I won’t have time. Having just started this podcast (episode 2 will be recorded this weekend), I’ve set specific goals that I want to meet by certain times as well as have to account for the little surprises that creep up on me during the year. Reviewing and discussing a book isn’t all that difficult (just time consuming), but I’ve learned just two books into doing this podcast that I can’t just sit and enjoy a book from beginning to end. I have to be aware of bits and pieces that can be used in the show and take notes as I read. I still enjoy the book, no doubt about that, but I have to be more attentive to points I can bring up in the discussion on the podcast. I’m hoping to read, at least, 20 new books this year, but I’m not going to make myself stick to it like I did last year with the 60. The decision of what book to review & discuss is not only going to be made by me, but also by my listeners who send in the suggestions.

So, without further ado, my 60 books:

  1. Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare
  2. Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2) by C. Clare
  3. The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon #3) by Dan Brown
  4. The Seeker (Shaker Series #3) by Ann H. Gabhart
  5. Lord of the Far Island by Victoria Holt
  6. Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris
  7. Living Dead in Dallas (Stackhouse #2) by C. Harris
  8. Club Dead (Stackhouse #3) by C. Harris
  9. Dead to the World (Stackhouse #4) by C. Harris
  10. Anywhere But Here by Mona Simpson
  11. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  12. Catching Fire by S. Collins
  13. Mockingjay by S. Collins
  14. Switched (Trylle #1) by Amanda Hocking
  15. Torn (Trylle #2) by A. Hocking
  16. Ascend (Trylle #3) by A. Hocking
  17. The Devil on Horseback by Victoria Holt
  18. Homeland (Drizzt #1) by R.A. Salvatore
  19. Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare
  20. Exile (Drizzt #2) by R.A. Salvatore
  21. Sojourn (Drizzt #3) by R.A. Salvatore
  22. The Crystal Shard (Drizzt #4) by R.A. Salvatore
  23. Streams of Silver (Drizzt #5) by R.A. Salvatore
  24. Dead as a Doornail (Stackhouse #5) by Charlaine Harris
  25. Definitely Dead (Stackhouse #6) by C. Harris
  26. All Together Dead (Stackhouse #7) by C. Harris
  27. From Dead to Worse (Stackhouse #8) by C. Harris
  28. Dead and Gone (Stackhouse #9) by C. Harris
  29. Dead in the Family (Stackhouse #10) by C. Harris
  30. Dead Reckoning (Stackhouse #11) by C. Harris
  31. XO (Dance #3) by Jeffery Deaver
  32. Deadlocked (Stackhouse #12) by Charlaine Harris
  33. Storm Front (Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher
  34. Inferno (Langdon #4) by Dan Brown
  35. Dead Ever After (Stackhouse #13) by Charlaine Harris
  36. Fool Moon (Dresden #2) by Jim Butcher
  37. Grave Peril (Dresden #3) by J. Butcher
  38. Summer Knight (Dresden #4) by J. Butcher
  39. Death Masks (Dresden #5) by J. Butcher
  40. Blood Rites (Dresden #6) by J. Butcher
  41. Dead Beat (Dresden #7) by J. Butcher
  42. Proven Guilty (Dresden #8) by J. Butcher
  43. White Night (Dresden #9) by J. Butcher
  44. Small Favor (Dresden #10) by J. Butcher
  45. Turn Coat (Dresden #11) by J. Butcher
  46. Changes (Dresden #12) by J. Butcher
  47. Ghost Story (Dresden #13) by J. Butcher
  48. Cold Days (Dresden #14) by J. Butcher
  49. Side Jobs (Dresden Anthology) by J. Butcher
  50. A is for Alibi (Kinsey Millhone #1) by Sue Grafton
  51. B is for Burglar (Kinsey #2) by S. Grafton
  52. C is for Corpse (Kinsey #3) by S. Grafton
  53. The Lady and The Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier
  54. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
  55. Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) by Jamie McGuire
  56. Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2) by J. McGuire
  57. Divergent by Veronica Roth
  58. The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver
  59. Insurgent by Veronica Roth
  60. Allegiant by V. Roth

Started with a fantastic trilogy and ended with a fantastic trilogy! Oh, and you know, just a few really awesome books in between! I hope that you readers see this list and find books you haven’t read and decide to read! Several good series in there to choose from!


Until next time, Keep Calm and Read On, folks!