Update on Episode 2: On A Pale Horse

by realmofbooksblog

Heya, folks! -coughhack-

Yup, unfortunately I have caught the crud! I did so well to avoid it over the holidays when my husband, my in-laws & my step-son had it, but it was destined.

If you listened to Ep84 of Tauren Think Tank, then you heard Remghar mention that I was going to record Ep2 this past Thursday… but unfortunately, I woke up Wednesday night with a scratchy throat. Thinking it might pass, I went forward with my plans to record but Thursday night when I woke up, I sounded like a frog… and still do. I’m hoping to record this Thursday to get Ep2 out to the listeners! Frog voice or no!

So here is another chance to get your answers in for Ep2’s question:

You have been given the opportunity to attend a dinner with an author of your choice (dead or living); who is it? What book of theirs do you bring to have inscribed? And what one question would you ask them?

You can tweet your answers to @RealmofBooks or email me at RealmofBooks@gmail.com or leave a comment here with your answer!

Until next time, folks! Keep Calm and Read On!